1:1 Mentoring Programs

Sarah Durnez

Director of 3D Modeling


With almost 9 years in business as a VDA, Sarah Durnez has seen a lot of change in the design industry since starting her business during the Great Recession.  Over the years, she’s had the opportunity to test and implement the best practices to better serve her designers, and make each designer feel like their project is “the big project”.  Building her business on relationships with designers, many of which she’s worked with for over eight years.  Sarah has maintained a connection and built trust that has been the foundation to a successful VDA business.


Mentoring In:


Building and maintaining relationships with your designers.

How to get clients

Determining services & pricing 

Procedures & Practices


*Available for Monthly Direct Mentoring and 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions. 

**To book Email Sarah directly $147/hr session.


Annilee Waterman

Designer Support Team

     Annilee Waterman has 30 years of art & design experience. Building on her Fine Arts and Interior Design degrees,  years of experience on Film & Television sets, & nearly 20 years as an Interior Designer, Annilee offers Rendering, Design Consulting, Custom Home Plans & Training for clients globally. She has utilized 3d modeling and rendering extensively and works daily on designs for  clients, as well as drafting, modeling and rendering for architects and designers. Over the years, she has become proficient using various programs, and understanding their integrations.

Tutoring & Mentoring In:

  • Edesign Tribe Platform - Beginner to Advanced
  • Starting a new project, through the final render
  • Working through pain points in existing projects
  • Advanced skills for high-end rendering
  • Platform Integration with Chief Architect, Sketchup, Revit and AutoCAD
  • Chief Architect, Drafting & 3d modeling, beginner to advanced
  • Project Consulting & Plan Review for Designers, for Technical Documents, Code Compliance & Rendering

*Available 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions.

*To book Email Annilee directly $147/hr session.

Brigett Mercado

DBM Interior Design


Upon graduating with a AA & AS in Interior Design from Seminole State College Florida in 2002, Brigett started working towards getting hands-on kitchen design experience.  She had worked as a kitchen and bath designer for over 16 years and now the proud business is owner and CEO of DBM Interiors since 2016


She is a Allied member of ASID and NKBA Member.


She is married with two adult daughters, 3 grandsons and one dog named Hairy.


mentoring focus:

  • eDesign Platform Trainer
  • 2020 Integration into eDesign Tribe platform via Sketchup
  • Kitchen and Bath layouts that follow NKBA guidelines


*Available for 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions. 

*To book Email Brigett directly $147/hr session.


Lauren Brantley

Designer Support Team

Lauren has a BS in Interior Design and MA in Visual Communications and Design from Liberty University. Since 2017 she has been serving each of her clients through E-design. She has always dreamed of a pathway where she could stay at home with my family. She is a member of the rendering support team for the eDesign Tribe and is here to help you!


Tutoring & Mentoring In:

  • Edesign Tribe Platform - Beginner to Advanced
  • Starting a new project, through the final render
  • Working through pain points in existing projects
  • Advanced skills for high-end rendering
  • Sketchup 3d modeling- beginner to advanced
  • Platform Integration with Sketchup Pro
  • Rendering Consulting for Designers

*Available for 1:1 1 Hour Video Sessions.

**To book Email Lauren directly $147/hr session.



These are the only fully qualified and certified mentors and trainers for the eDesign Platform software. If you enlist in services outside the eDesign U website we do not guarantee they have the most accurate, up to date and best information available since they are not part of our small team. Be cautious for those offering similar services on other sites, they do not know the ins and outs of our software like the official eDesign Platform designers listed above do.  

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