Cheryl Clendenon

Cheryl has been an influential presence in the residential design industry for over 21 years. By day she acts as the creative director for her interior design firm - In Detail Interiors - as well as the visionary for the 3000 sq foot retail space In Detail's offices and resource room inhabit, 1514 Home. In the last three years business coach and Grand Poobah of Damn Good Designer ® has been added to this resume, an endeavor focused to elevate designers, decorators and small retailers to owning more successful and process oriented small businesses. Want to get a sense for her passion and drive? Just visit Cheryl's instagram or read up on her lively, free facebook group for designers and retailers - Small Business Think Big. In a world where everyone is fighting to fit in, Cheryl strives to be the stand out with a researched opinion and "proof is in the pudding" attitude. She does it all, and does it well! Her design approach with each project thrives in the detail-oriented, well-analyzed, deep-down goal-driven design rationale. So in addition to her local clients sharing the hype, her fresh, irreverent design approach has garnered national attention with clients ranging from San Diego to the New Jersey shore and all along the Gulf Coast.

Veronica Solomon

Veronica focuses on the business behind the beautiful spaces.

Running an interior design business does not have to be hard! Learn about what it takes to run a successful design business, get the clients and projects that will make your heart sing, and make the massive profits you deserve!

Claire Jefford

Claire’s industrious and spirited personality brings something special to each project she works on.

Whether she’s guiding a homeowner through colour, fabric, or furniture selections, presenting a fully custom 3D design plan, or coaching another interior design professional on how to bring a successful design business to life, Claire is absolutely untiring in everything she does.

Her designs are stunning, tailored and timeless, and her energy is ridiculously contagious. 

Claire’s work has been featured in Lux Lifestyle Magazine, and Maria Killam’s White e-book and blog, she’s a prominent keynote speaker, and she’s also co-authored an interior design business book

Simply put, Claire Jefford walks the walk.

Richelle Plett

Richelle is an award-winning Interior Designer practicing in the Kansas City area for over 20 years. She has been featured in the Kansas City Star, published in Better Homes and Gardens publications, appeared on local television programming including Better Kansas City and Kansas City Live, participated in the Kansas City Symphony Design Showhouse and DIFFA Dining with Design, and enjoys speaking at women’s entrepreneurial events. Her love of vintage furniture and upholstery led Richelle to own a brick and mortar design studio with custom upholstery and window treatment workroom called Sitzen Upholstery and Design. Known for her vast selection of “roadkill” quality constructed upholstered frames that just needed a little love, the business mantra was, “Pick a frame, pick a fabric and we do the rest!” This allowed her to keenly understand how fabrics and upholstery wear in real life and to truly comprehend the value of upholstery construction. Today she loves working with design clients to help them “furnish forward” and enjoys teaching professional designers about upholstery construction.

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