DVA 101

*Required for DVA Certification 

Instructed by Sarah Durnez

Rendering by Tonya Huffman

Get Started with Your DVA Business

This course will take you through the steps of setting up your D2D services. 

Find Work


Learn where to find clients and how to keep them.

Pricing Model +

Pricing your Services

What pricing model works for you and what you should charge. 

Programs Needed

Website, email, Canva, Photoshop, and the eDesign Platform Rendering Program. 

Course Focus Topics

This course is structured to be hands on and interactive every step of the way. With many eDesign exclusive resource guides, checklists & sample projects- this course is designed to help you actively build your business as you work through the material. 

  • DVA 101

    What is a DVA and how does this work? Designing your business and set boundaries and expectations.

  • Clients

    Clients by Design.

  • Branding

    Why it matters.

  • Website 

    Use the handy checklist to ensure you have all the critical website features for your eDesign biz. 

  • Pricing

    Figure out what pricing model works for your business and what you should charge for your services.

  • Social Media

    The best free marketing tool out there.

  • Capstone

    Mock project to get you started on your new services, and start to create content for your business. 

    *Required for Certification. 


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DVA 101

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eDesign U DVA Certification

To receive DVA Certification, a total of 5 courses need to be completed and Capstones passed.  The below paths are designed to help students determine how to receive certification based off of their personal business goals.


Sarah Durnez

I'm Sarah Durnez founder of Loft Design, and Director of 3D Modeling for the eDesign Platform.


I started my DVA journey 10 years ago, long before there was even a name for it, or even a community to support it.  With the influx of virtual services, and design, it's only natural there would be an increase in demand for Design Virtual Assistants.  


Outsourcing has never been more on trend than it is right now, and most designers are unaware of the hidden asset they have in a skillset that another designer would find value in.  Assisting designers in finding their own "secret sauce" to add additional income or to even transition their business into an area that they find more rewarding, is the stuff that gives me all the good feels. 


eDesign U Business Certificate Requirements

What am I being evaluated in the Capstone Evaluations?

Do courses ever go on sale?

How long will these courses take to complete?

What are the Requirements to become a Certified Platform 3D Product Modeler?

eDesign U DVA (Designer Virtual Assistant) Requirements

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