Build and Grow a Client Facing Facebook Group

eDesign U Elective Course

Instructed by Colleen Primm

Starting the group

The steps you need to take to start a Facebook Group.


How to connect with other home improvement businesses to help both your businesses


How Facebook Lives can help you sell your services.

Course Focus Topics

I have had my own client facing Facebook group for over 2 years.  I have found so much success with this format.

I wanted to share my knowledge with you so that you can find as much success, both financial and personal

fulfillment as I have.

  • Why Facebook?

    A brief outline of why Facebook is the right platform for this type of community. 

  • Content

    What are you going to talk about? Learn what to post to gain followers and engagement. 

  • Building the Group

    Getting members, building relationships, and getting clients from your group. 

Colleen Primm

I’m Colleen, owner and interior decorator here at Colleen Primm Design.

 My path to Interior Design was a little unconventional but I believe everything happens for a reason and my design journey was no different. I had been in the banking industry for about 12 years when I decided to make the change to Interior Design. When I was working in the banking field I underwrote commercial loans and later in my career I wrote mortgage loans. I am the only Interior Designer that can not only decorate your home, but I can also talk to you about your mortgage! 

While working on residential loans I saw a lot of homes, because I was looking at home appraisals. That is where my love of design and wanting to help people achieve a better looking home came from. I finally decided to turn my passion into reality and quit my banking job and went back to school for Interior Design.


eDesign U Business Certificate Requirements

What am I being evaluated in the Capstone Evaluations?

Do courses ever go on sale?

How long will these courses take to complete?

What are the Requirements to become a Certified Platform 3D Product Modeler?

eDesign U DVA (Designer Virtual Assistant) Requirements

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