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Continued education for Interior Designers that want to build a  thriving online business. 

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*Render by Amanda Vernon using the eDesign Platform* 

Capstone Projects Inspire You to...

  • Create a professional & cohesive Photoshop Concept Boards for your ideal client.
  • Implement passive income through a "shop the look" blog series that doubles as a Style Quiz Opt-In.
  • Establish a streamlined eDesign Process & create marketing material using the graphics for this project.
  • Market your  services, website offerings & "Shoppable Quiz" and establish your interior design business online through this process!
  • Build a business that you love!
eDesign U 101 Course
eDesign 201 collaborating using your website
eDesign U 301- Passive income and affiliates for interior designers
eDesign U 401- marketing for interior designers
Photoshop and canva concept boards for interior designers



I'm Jenna, Founder & CEO of eDesign Tribe, Inc. and designer of Jenna Gaidusek Designs. 


As an out of the box thinker and have implemented a variety of online products myself, I like to look for connections and layer multiple revenue streams. I look for the missing holes and provide suggestions and direction to help you develop and implement your big idea. 


I love hearing new ideas in the online design space and I bring a lot of innovative points to the conversation as I have been in the eDesign space exclusively for over 6 years. I have mastered my craft and have brought my business to a passive point so I’m not taking many design projects and am not a competitor. It excites me to hear your story and see your background and help you implement your vision for your business in the new year. Let’s get that new service, passive income product, course or whatever else you’ve been thinking about for months off the ground and start bringing you money! 


eDesign is on fire right now, it’s time to get organized & start acting on your great ideas! Mentoring sessions are 100% confidential, access me to bounce your ideas off of and let's get started on your new idea. 


Whether you are brand new to design and just launching your business, or you have an established in- person interior design business there is a place for you in this program. 


I can't wait to get to know you better & work with you to elevate your eDesign business in the new year! 



What are the requirements to get the eDesign U Business Certificate? 

Do I need to enroll in every course to get certified? 

What are the requirements to become a Certified Design Virtual Assistant (DVA)?

What are the Requirements to become a Certified Platform 3D Product Modeler?

How long will these courses take to complete?

What if I was enrolled in eDesign U courses before 10.1.2020?

What do the eDesign U Business capstone evaluations entail? 

Each course capstone will have a different type of assessment. 



Here is a summary of what you can expect to see in the required eDesign U Capstone Evaluations: 


DVA & eDesign 101

Define your business evaluation

Define your ideal client evaluation 

Submit your Brand Kit

Complete the website basics

Set up and begin posting to at least 1 social media platform


DVA & eDesign 201

Submit the sample project using your self-hosted or other collaboration method from start to finish.


eDesign Elective 01 | eDesign Presentation Techniques

Any program is acceptable for the render. 

Submit a minimum of 4 Photoshop or Concept boards styled for your ideal client. These will be used for the Opt-in & Passive Income assessment Project. 


eDesign 301 | Passive Income & Affiliates

Create a passive income product, this can be a blog series, digital download, or something else that adds revenue to your website.

This course walks you through how to create all of this content efficiently but if you already have it create you can bypass taking the Capstone Evaluation. 


eDesign 401 | Marketing for eDesigners

Create an Opt-in to collect emails and share it and the programs you used to create it (email services linked).

Create a Pinterest account and share your Opt-in directly to Pinterest or using Tailwind.

This course walks you through how to create an opt-int set up email funnels and automate your Pinterest marketing. 





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