2020 Integration Course

eDesign U Integration Course

Instructed by Brigett Mercado

Course Focus Topics

This course is structured to be hands on and interactive every step of the way. With many eDesign exclusive resource guides, checklists & sample projects- this course is designed to help you actively build your business as you work through the material. 

  • Preparing for Export

    Learn how to draw walls, perimeter cabinets, and crown molding, also learn how to build an island, counters, and a sink.

  • Assigning Textures and Fixes

    Prepare cabinets and island for textures and assign those textures.

  • Pull it All Together

    Export and then import to the Platform.


eDesign U Business Certificate Requirements

What am I being evaluated in the Capstone Evaluations?

Do courses ever go on sale?

How long will these courses take to complete?

What are the Requirements to become a Certified Platform 3D Product Modeler?

eDesign U DVA (Designer Virtual Assistant) Requirements

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